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At Hardscape Contractors, we love working with our Omaha area homeowners and business owners. We specialize in Landscape Design, Softscape, Seasonal Planting, and Exterior Lighting. We know your Omaha home or business is your largest investment. We live here and started our business here as well. Our business is personal, especially when we get to take care of our neighbors homes right here in Omaha. When we get the opportunity to create an outdoor living space, we know you’re trusting us to get the job done correctly, on time and on budget. The Omaha area is beautiful all on its own! Let us help bring that outdoor beauty to your home! We want you to be able to brag about the work we do for you, to your neighbors!

Create Your Dream Backyard with our Landscaping Services

We’re more than just a Hardscape company! Designing a space and doing the build is an awesome project, but getting to see those landscape plants and materials fill in through the years is kind of the best part of our job! Seeing a project go from an empty space to a beautifully lush landscaped outdoor living space that your family loves is what it’s all about for us. Professional landscaping can increase your home’s value by up to 42%! How can we make your home look better? 

If You Can Dream It, our Landscape Design Team Can Build it

Landscape Design is the practice of analyzing, planning, and creating an actual design of an outdoor living space. The process involves working closely between the existing architecture of a space and the existing or desired garden design. Creating an outdoor landscape design that can flow with the lines of the architectural space, the environment and the existing species present in the space already, is a true art form and science. We can help you design outdoor spaces that you never thought were possible in your own backyard….and we can help maintain those spaces so that they thrive. What are your outdoor dreams? From living fences to sustainable gardening to lush landscaped spaces and green lawns, we can help you get there and help keep it beautiful. 


This may be a new term for those that don’t speak landscaping every single day like we do! Landscapes are made up of two main elements: Hardscapes and Softscapes. Hardscapes are the hard surfaces that don’t live or grow in your space, such as concrete, brick, flagstone or wood. Softscapes are the living aspects of your landscape, such as perennial flowers, shrubs and trees. Ensuring your space isn’t too heavy in either of these elements is what we do. We find the balance and plan for what your plants or softscapes will look like. Some landscapers will just sell plants and plantings just to upcharge and “fill” a build. We plan your outdoor space for what your plants will be when full grown. If your landscape design isn’t incorporating this, you’ll be paying for too many plants that your ground cover won’t be able to sustain long term. We want a beautifully finished space that will still be beautiful in 10 years! Our goal is to create a space that works with your home and outdoor space. We incorporate plants that fit your lifestyle and upkeep goals. We work with you to create an outdoor space that’s right for you and your family. 

Professional Planting Services

The fun part! Building a hardscape living area is incredible. Giving more space to families to be together and create memories is truly a “pulling of the heart-string” type of work for us. We love creating outdoor living spaces from what was empty unused space. But, adding the plants, getting dirt under our nails, adding life to your property that will fill in and create a private sanctuary – ahhh, brings my blood pressure down just typing about it! The planting is the best part of what we do. It’s the finishing touches. A patio is just a slab of concrete or paving stones without plants to border it and make it inviting. Whether you have a full outdoor kitchen that you’d like to create a landscape around or you have an older home that you’d like to update your foundation plants or a brand new home with a blank canvas, whatever your landscaping needs are, we can help! We listen to our clients to help create a planting schematic that will work for your level of maintenance!

Low Voltage Lighting

Low Voltage Lighting is one of the fastest growing lighting options for your exterior. This type of lighting lets you enjoy your home or businesses exterior with safety and security while reducing the cost of running landscaping lighting by up to 85%. Low voltage lighting reduces the risk of shock and is easier to install and/or move because the wires do not have to be buried, so you can make changes to the light positioning as your plants mature. Give us a call for more information and or to make the switch for your landscape. 

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can serve several purposes. No matter what type of lighting you decide to use, make sure you talk over your goals of what you want your outdoor lighting to do for you. Are you wanting added security and/or safety features? Are you wanting to extend your living space and make your outdoor spaces more readily available? Are you just loving the features of your smart home and dying to add outdoor lighting to your fingertip control? We get it! We’re gadget geeks here at Hardscape Contractors! Whatever your goals are, talk with us about them and let us help you design a layout using the following type of exterior lighting. 

  • Highlighting – positioned near the base of an outdoor feature or mature plant
  • Silhouetting or Shadowing –positioned behind a feature, usually near a wall
  • Washing – positioned at an indirect angle to a wall or shrubs
  • Up-lighting – positioned low at the base, more direct lighting than Washing
  • Down-lighting – positioned in an eave, trellis, or hardscape for bright lighting 
  • Moonlighting – positioned high in tree or angled down, for soft-large lighting
  • Accenting – positioned up or down with a narrow beam from a hidden spot
  • Path-lighting – positioned staggered usually, illuminate paths, especially steps
  • In-grade – installed into a surface, usually at the base of a wall or hardscape

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Whatever your Omaha landscaping goals are, we can help you achieve them! From full time landscape maintenance or seasonal cleanups to full outdoor living spaces and outdoor kitchens, we’ve got you covered from the ground up, literally! Give us a call today to see how beautiful your Omaha space can be. 

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